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Excellent strength and durability

With a combinations of various clays our brick has the right mix of ingredients to impart it great strength and longevity to last for generations. Very low or no impurities in form of coarse sand or other mineral salts also adds to the strength.


Facinating color

With our indigenously firing method our brick has perfect color to suit all kinds of facial applications in external and internal applications. The hue and natural color of day is very pleasing to the eyes and imparts the onlooker a feeling of being close to mother earth.


Lowest water absorptionx

A perfect balance of high quality clay, skillful molding and masterly firing at an optimal temperature gives the brick a very compact finish with low porosity resulting into the lowest water absorption by any fired clay brick in mdia. This property single handedly makes it an ideal material for body bricks as well as facing bricks. High water absorption by bricks is one of the most significant factors requiring billions of rupees for repair and mamtainence every year. High water absorption also puts great load on the foundations of the structure damaging it in long run.


Saves cost

We take immense care to deliver the best quality right to your doorstep. We assure our customers of very low breakage during transit so that it gives them maximum value for their money. Due to our perfect size the structure saves more then 50% cement and the usage of brick is lowered by about 20% and add to that a slight to nil breakage ratio makes the brick cheaper then its rivals. Facial application of bricks saves cost on painting and also helps the enviroment.


Slight to nil maintainence

Being such a skillfully crafted material our bricks if used for plastering do not require any maintainence whatsoever while if used as facing bricks a timely scrubbing of the surface with ordinary sand paper makes the brick look fresh from the kiln saving a lot of money from periodical expenses towards painting . Our brick never rots or fades.


Fire resistant

Clay materials are naturally resistant to fire due to its high burning temperature. Since our products are already fired at about 1050~1100 C . They are even more resistant to fire and would easily exceed the new norms for fire resistance as prescribed by the latest building codes



Brick is beautiful. When traveling through a residential area nothing can compare to the aesthetic beauty of a home that is all exposed brick or has at least an all brick front. With a little added brick detailing you can add distinction and greatly enhance the appearance of every home design.


Pure and natural

Since there is no addition of any synthetic additives during the clay preparation stage and the fact that unlike other bnck manufacturers who use acid-sludge,old tyres, wastes from petroleum refineries, waste toxic & hazardous inflamable chemicals emitted by various chemical industries to fire their bricks our bricks is fired with the best quality coal specially imported from Indonesia . Our brick is completely natural and without any additive.


Energy efficient

Due the properties of burnt clay to act as a natural insulator our brick provides excellent insulation to the structure saving on heating and air conditioning costs 8c therefore reducing carbon emissions by saving energy.


Silent tranquility

Excellent Sound Insulation


Wide application

Due to its excellent finish , fine and sharp edges , consistent color, our brick has a wide variety of applications e.g fireplace, external wall, internal walls, gardens, arches, loops, foundation strengthening, load bearing,etc it has innumerable possible applications its just the imagination that is needed. For any number of reasons, including sustain ability, durability, thermal comfort, and the many design possibilities it opens up, face brick should be the top the top consideration list of building material for your project.

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