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Built with Bricks

Bricks are the only man-made building materials that testify to their use since the early human civilization. With their attractive appearances and superior properties such as high compressive strength and durability, excellent fire and weather resistance, good thermal and sound insulation, make bricks a very popular building material


In the medieval ages building with bricks gained further popularity as use of bricks aswFacing Material" gained tremendous popularity all over the world and especially in the European Countries.


During the British rule in India, structures with Exposed Brick Work" / "Facing Brick" were extensively built by the British Engineers.

Today w Exposed/Facing Brick" structures are gaining tremendous popularity as Architects, Designers & the industry realize the advantages of building with bricks.


Aesthetically there is no material in this world that can match the aura and splendor created by a facing brick in a structure, not only does it add a touch of glamour to it but it creates a sublime feeling of oneness with nature which other building material fail to create. The amazing earthy red color actually never fades but looks mysteriously different during different times of the day which indicates that the dynamism of nature is still trapped in it.


Brick is also the ideal material for the hot 8c tropical Indian climate, being natural insulator clay tends to keep the interiors warm during winter 8c cool during the summer. It also reduces the energy consumption of structures thereby helping the environment 8c is also in line with the expectations of modern times.


Economically facing brick work saves a lot of money, since there is no need of plastering consumption of cement is reduced largely & thus saves a lot of money, with reduced cement consumption the ultimate weight of the structure is also reduced there by reducing the requirement of steel. Also a lot of expensive paint is saved as the exposed walls are not painted and thereby saving a lot of money. The only maintenance brick needs is occasional scrapping with glass paper/abrasive paper to clean the debris/dust etc which does not incur any huge costs like repainting etc involves.


Building with "Bricks" is indeed a win win situation for all the concerned parties, as it saves a lot of money, time and energy, above all its friendly to the environment.



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