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About Us

Navanna bricks was started in the year 1967 by Shri L.Narayanan Chettiar a reputed Industrialist, Educationalist and a Philontherapist. The brick unit got its name from its founder Shri L.Narayanan Chettiar. He started this unit for the manufacture of Chamber bricks in his own coconut farm in Thuvariman village in the outskirts of Madurai City. The main objective of this unit is provide community development in the villages by giving them rural employment to entire village with about 50 families in the village. It also provides as a back office to cater to the brick needs of his group of educational institutions and industries. The location of the unit in the lush green surroundings of his coconut garden itself is a proof to his Love for Nature.


As the founder is very particular about the maintenance of high quality standard the Brick Brand “ NB” is very popular in and around Madurai City. The concern has been operating for almost 5 decades with the original technology, production process and other infrastructure duly created by its founder .


Building Construction

Recently we have Building Construction and Well Qualified Engineers also.


Present Scenerio

For any product to survive in a competitive environment the technology upgradation, reduction in the production cost and maintenance of quality of the production are the salient features. Mr.P.L.Narayanan, the grandson of its founder Shri L.Narayana Chettiar took over the activities of the unit. The similarity is not only in the name but also by his action, approach etc to the activities of the unit, service to the poor, Educational requirements of the workers, medical assistance and also social and cultural development of the entire village.

He being a technocrat with sound business knowledge and experience from his grandfather will never lag behind in improvement of production infrastructure and mechanization of operations, improvement of the quality of the product besides creating an eco friendly green environment in and around the brick factory site.

Plant & Machinery of the latest quality are imported and installed at factory. Additional factory building and infrastructure development activities are being implemented. A lot of improvement is made in factory design to ensure smooth flow of materials from each process. Material handling Equipments take care of the movement of materials between various stages of production. Transport carriers take care of the raw materials input and despatch of the finished goods to the customer.



Needless to say the well established NB brand is a very popular brand in the Madurai city and always commands a premium price. This is achieved through the

blessings of its founder Shri L.Narayanan Chettiar

Production through latest technology machines

Maintenance of quality standards

Able support of the villagers in general and staff & workers in particular continued customer support & patronage.

With the support of one and all the company is poised for a big leap forward in the years to come.

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